Personal Update

What happened to the previous blog?

Well, I blame, although not entirely, the hosting provider for the previous blog site, which I shall leave unnamed except to say that its encouraging ‘go’ getter spirit and fondness of calling me ‘daddy’ isn’t all that great when it comes to money matters. As justified as their decision was, to block the site due to late payment, when I did get in touch with them to finally make the payment and restart the site, they wanted to charge a heavy sum to restore all my data which they had indeed backed up. Sure, this was all part of their policy agreement but the fine print can be too fine, and I knew the stakes too late in the game. So, the golly snob I’m not, I decided to humbly decline and look for a better and cheaper hosting service, and here we are.

I had plenty of articles and several hours of effort that went in to the previous blog, and with a press of a button, it was all gone. A few years ago I know how much that would have affected me, but not anymore. If I truly do these works for the glory of God, then my ultimate desire will always be to please Him. Anything else would be pride, and who wants to go near that bane of life? Work hard, pray harder, and hold your efforts and ambitions loose, cleaving only to the person and work of Christ. When the enemy knocks you down, get up and keep moving.

“Hold loosely to the things of this life, so that if God requires them of you, it will be easy to let them go.”


With that, I just shook the dust off my feet and decided to press on, to please Him further by exalting His Name through my writing.

And I truly hope it continues to bless those of you who read it.

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