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Upcoming Book – Come all ye weary

Writing has become a more consistent part of my life ever since I began penning down my sermon manuscripts every week. And you know what they say, writing is a perishable skill that will fade if one doesn’t keep chipping away at it. All that writing had given me enough raw material to start working on a book, several books. And this happens to be the first one I completed.

‘Come all ye weary’ is a series of devotions, with 25 chapters on the person of Christ, including 5 poems. Every chapter ends with a prayer. I was inspired by the model used in ‘Seeing and Savouring Christ’ by John Piper, a wonderful little devotional that I couldn’t put down.

Jesus Christ is the most discussed and controversial historical figure in the world and a majority of people have misconceived notions about his character or who he was, Christians included. This book is my attempt at systematically striking at different attributes of the person of Christ. Who was he? And why is he significant? 25 chapters do not come close to explaining the fullness of his glory, but it is a good start.

If you would like to Pre-Book a copy of the book, leave me a message by filling up the following form.

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