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Christ, the Worthy One

For today’s devotion, here’s one of the poems from ‘Come All Ye Weary‘. Pre-book your copy now!

On golden streets
And crystal seas
Were gathered the feet
Those whom death cannot defeat
Of angels, men and creatures
Prophets, priests and teachers
Who look on to the throne
Where sits Heaven alone.
For heaven be where God be
The Zion of eternity
The stars hanging like a chandelier
Glimmered like crystals so clear
And the earth his footstool
With none to challenge his rule.

He held a scroll in his hand
Yet none worthy in the land
Or any other land was found
To break the seal that was bound.
Then, alas the trumpet we heard 
And behold the Lamb appeared
For a moment the air held its breath
Then the silence broke its strength
When the elders threw their crowns
Laying prostrate on the grounds
Glory shimmered red and purple
The Lion of Judah stood before the people 
Dressed in a bloody robe.

“My Redeemer Lives”, cried Job.
The horror of his old broken skin
Paled to the flesh broken by our sin
For Jesus endured more
Than Job ever bore.
“I concede”, he cried
“If forever I am tried
And loss be my portion
I will bless for Jesus is my fortune.”
Counting loss all that was doubly gain
What was restored to him did not heal the pain
But now his eyes could see
The grace that set him free
“Whether he brings peace or sword”,
He exclaimed, “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Then Korah spoke up,
Drinking from his cup
Of plentiful delight
His eyes glittered at the sight.
“Do you know the glad river
Every weary heart to deliver
Joy beyond any to be had
Making happy all who are sad?
For it flows through the city
Of the Lord, God Almighty
Where shadows do not fall
And white towers stand tall.
Behold the dove
The River of God’s love
On the shoulders of the man
For whom the good race I ran
The wrath of God, this Holy Son appeased,
In whom the Father is well pleased.
I am still, for I know
That you are God forevermore”

“Do you fear the storm”
Came the voice of Peter, “whose waters foam
And rage with the power to conform
Man and mountain, weak and strong
Breaking upon the throng?”
Dressed in white
His gaze would not leave the light
That emanated from the Sword,
The Word of God, Jesus his Lord.
“I once feared the raging waters and sinned
Until I saw him pierce the wind
The mighty ocean bode
Ill, but upon its waves he rode
And rushed to my rescue
Death to subdue
The storm rider came for me and you”

“Amen!”, called the voice 
Of Father Abraham the choice
Of God to bless the nations
With the hope of faith for generations.
“There’s the ram caught in the thicket 
My son to spare for God took it
Upon his only Son to be the offering
To save us all from suffering
The wrath of justice that burnt
Against all mankind, for we weren’t
The face of righteousness upon the earth.
We bore the bitter stain of sin from our birth.
But he, dying to kill the sin in our flesh
And rising to give life afresh
Is the offspring promised to me.
My children are of promise, flesh was not to be
For to all, I declare that this is the Ram
For before I ever was, he is the Great I AM!”

The testimonies ushered in like a flood
Giving praises for the blood-
Stained Saviour upon the bright hill.
Before his gaze, every heart was still.
“My sin I see”, came Uzzah’s voice abruptly
Out from a corner and he put it bluntly,
“The sin of presumption, for I thought
That my hands which sought
To spare God’s Ark harm or hurt
Was cleaner than the dirt”
The voices rose and fell
Like a melodious song to tell
Tales true and full of glory
Christ was full in every story.
There was no debate or doubt
“Who is worthy?”, came the angel’s shout
And every creature responded in chorus
“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, 
Power and wealth to gain
All wisdom and might belonging
And all honour and glory and blessing!”




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