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SFTW – All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

As the son of a renowned Anglican priest, Edward Perronet was born in 1721 and grew up in a large family of six boys and four girls. This son of a preacher had instilled in him a deep passion for the word. As a young believer, Edward had the opportunity to travel and closely collaborate with the Wesleys, who were instrumental in founding the Methodist movement within the Church of England.

Despite his fervent faith and preaching abilities, Edward always felt that John Wesley should take the pulpit when they were together. John, however, persistently encouraged Edward to step forward and preach. Eventually, John surprised the congregation by announcing that Edward would deliver the sermon that day. Embracing the challenge, Edward confidently proclaimed that he would deliver the greatest sermon ever preached. He had the audience right where he wanted them, at the edge of their seats. He then promptly proceeded to read the Sermon on the Mount before immediately returning to his seat.

Edward’s convictions led him to eventually part ways with the Wesleys and the Church of England. He went on to pastor an independent congregation, guided by his unwavering beliefs. Besides preaching, Edward possessed a talent for writing poems and songs. One of his compositions, “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” has become a beloved hymn still sung in churches today.

You can listen to the Hymn sung by Christ Kirk here.

Edward understood the sacrifices and risks associated with following Christ. His family had fled persecution and found refuge in Switzerland. Wesley himself recounted instances where Edward faced physical violence, being thrown down, covered in mud and mire, and enduring stones hurled at him with windows broken. Throughout these trials, Edward remained resolute and unwavering in his faith.

We ought to be encouraged by such deep conviction and passion for Christ. Edward’s dedication to preaching, writing, and unwavering faith must inspire us today. Such a desire must cause us to sing,

All hail the power of Jesus’ name!
Let angels prostrate fall,
bring forth the royal diadem
and crown him Lord of all.




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