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Song for the Week – God of Hope

Here is your song for the week, one of my own. I have always enjoyed the contemporary Christian songs of our time, but my introduction to the hymns however came quite late. Inspired by its rhythmic construction, and the theological depth carried in its lyrics, I took to writing my own first hymn. 

Here’s a rendition of it as it was sung by my cousin sisters for The Cross Purpose Conference.

Verse 1:
The God of Hope, foresaw the plight
Of all of human kind
For, we’d embraced, with willing hearts
The sin that brought us death
The God of Hope, in mercy held
His wrath from pouring out
For, we were clothed, to hide our shame
And hope had thus endured

Who can separate this soul
From these mighty hands of hope
For everything that I endure
He works it for my good

Verse 2:
The God of Hope, foremade the plan
Of redemptive history
Through prophets came the word of God
The joy of His elect
The God of Hope, in patience led
His people though they failed Him
For, sin still ruled the flesh of man
His law not one could keep

Verse 3:
The God of Hope, forsook His own
The Lamb prepared for slaughter
He bears the name of Word of God
The joy of His elect
The God of Hope, in love He died
And nailed our sins to Calvary
And then He rose to take the throne
Destroyed the curse of sin and death

Verse 4:
The God of Hope, predestined us
To eat the bread and drink the cup
Of Christ, the Way, the Truth and Life
In Him we rise from death to life
The God of Hope, in joy He shapes
The lives of His elect
No suffering can overtake
The assurance of our hope

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